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I began the walk home with so many thoughts running through my mind. It was a day that I had felt almost every emotion one could feel and the sun hadn’t even gone down yet. Unfortunately, one of the biggest emotions stirring in my heart was frustration. I had just spent four hours at the doctors office with a handful of sick little children and of course most of that involved waiting (it’s no different in Africa). It wasn’t the most pleasant experience and I was just exhausted from being sick the last few days as well. So I walked…

I love my walks to and from the babies home every day. They are my reflection time, my prayer time and my worship time. If something is on my mind, I spend the 40 minutes talking to God. If I am happy, I spend the 40 minutes thanking Him. If I don’t really feel like talking to Him, I talk to others as we pass and I see His beauty in every single one of them. It’s an essential part of the day.

Today I needed this walk home. I started thinking about my day and getting annoyed all over again and just stopped and thanked God for allowing me to be AVAILABLE to help with those four little children. All of a sudden, I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow stretching across the Jinja sky. Birds flew across it with such glee and four children ran across the street and gave me big hugs around my legs. I know I know…this sounds like a Disney movie. I seriously felt like I was Snow White for a second. All I could do was laugh and fall more in love with God.

The thing is, God is the biggest romantic there is. Think about it…what’s His platform all about anyway? LOVE. In this moment where I was feeling love all around me…God swept me off my feet again.

This past weekend, I spent the night on an island with some fellow female volunteers which meant that a big part of our conversations consisted of the male species. I asked the girls if they consider themselves romantics and a lot of them said no. That made me a bit sad. I personally consider myself romantic. It’s not in the sense that I desire flowers or jewelry or fancy meals…it’s more in the sense that I think that the unimaginable is actually pretty possible.

We watch these movies where the two ridiculously good looking actors see each other across a room and instantly fall in love. For some reason, we have trained ourselves to believe that those kinds of experiences “can only happen in the movies”. What if we aren’t giving romance enough credit? What if it is that simple and we just aren’t looking up? A lot of crazy things happen to me…running into people in the most random place possible, meeting people who know fellow friends in different countries, getting a feeling I should make a left instead of a right and then having the most wonderful experience happen. I am nothing special…I am just willing for God to dazzle me and I know He loves doing it. Don’t we love making the people we love happy? There is no one who loves us more than Him and His goal is to make us fall more in love everyday. Why can’t we embrace this concept for one another?

God is possible of ANYTHING. He created the stars, the mountains, the sea….goodness…He has the most beautiful imagination ever. I believe we have chances to have amazing stories…just like they do in the great novels and classic movies. I think it just requires us to be vulnerable to the opportunity…which is no ones favorite thing to do. When you have your guard down, you can get hurt, but you can also have the chance to experience some beautiful things.

I didn’t have to look up on my walk home today. I didn’t have to make eye contact with those children. I didn’t have to communicate with God that even though this day was hard, I was really happy to be here to help. As soon as I let the frustration melt and became vulnerable…He wooed me.

We all deserve to be wooed and we all deserve to believe in the romance that God creates. What’s so wrong with wanting our stories to start with “once upon a time?” or end with “happily ever after?”. We only live this life once! Who wants a boring, safe story anyway? I want one where my grand children sit fascinated by my feet when I am old and grey and want to hear it over and over again. I want a life that could be made into a movie or book..and so far, I love my story. No it hasn’t gone the way I have intended at ALL…but that’s what makes it GOOD. Knowing it’s never going to go my way and allowing God to make an interesting story out of my life is something so beautiful.

So please be available. Please let yourself be wooed. Please don’t give up on Love and please remember to always look up.

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    Dorothy - :)ReplyCancel

  • February 3, 2013 - 1:46 pm

    Mom - What a wonderful story. I look forward to your stories and pictures. I get so excited when you have a new post,.

    Hope all is well, and God continues to keep you in his care. Love you lots.ReplyCancel

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