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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller

A friend of mine laughed at me when I arrived in Uganda. She said it was kind of funny that it took me going all the way to Africa to sit still in one place for a good amount of time. It’s no secret, a few years back I got bit by the bug that is wanderlust. I had an idea of what the world outside of the walls of my plans looked like. While I knew that one day I had full intention to find out..but that time wasn’t soon. Those walls abruptly got knocked down and all I had left to see were the dreams and desires I put off for the far future. I jumped head first and found myself getting addicted to the momentum of constantly being on the move, of discovering new places and meeting new people. I found myself searching for something..for my identity in a place. For a place that I could call MY home.

Through all of this travel, even halfway around the world, I have learned that home is never a place…it’s not a dot on the map, an address, or even four walls adorned with pictures of your loved ones. Home IS the people you love.

As I was nearing the end of my stay in Uganda..I got excited and started planning trips to some of my favorite places in the states and also places I have never been but have always wanted to go. My boyfriend JP is also a fellow wanderlust, so we may have gotten a little excited when we started looking at our calendars and discussing the places we absolutely wanted to visit this year. One of the most exciting trips we began planning was one of driving through the Pacific Northwest. There were so many places I wanted to revisit, share, discover, be shown…but most importantly I wanted to experience these places again, with my best friend, to see them differently…to create our own new vision of some of my favorite places.

So we did. I picked up my handsome guy from PDX and we took our adventure day by day. Our plans changed last minute and most of it was planned right in the moment. We ate at food trucks, drank lots of coffee, aimlessly walked until we found fountains that we frolicked in and then went to a football field to run around and dry off in the sun. We celebrated a milestone in the glory of Multnomah Falls and even though we were cold and tired…he still pulled off the side of the road when we saw a landscape that took our breath away. I shared that I had always wanted to go to Cannon Beach and even though it was completely out of our way to our next destination, it didn’t stop JP from typing it into his maps and starting the route. As we pull into this cute beach town and instantly see a kite shop, we know just what we need to do. And just like that a classic green kite was the newest member of our family…a cute, stubborn and short lived family member. We soaked in the light…over and over again, it never went unnoticed. We arrived in Seattle just in time for Summer Solstice and we hung out in Gasworks park until after 9pm with joyful locals until the sun went to bed for the day. We pulled into a campground around close to midnight in Lost Lake, Oregon and began to set up camp in the middle of the dark and rainfall. We awoke to our tent secluded in the middle of the beautiful redwoods with every bit of green glistening from the raindrops that adorned their surface. Due to the rainfall, we ate watery eggs for breakfast, laid in the tent and read, and explored the woods in our rain jackets. After a couple of nights of camping in the rain, we drove until we could find the sun..which was hanging out at the border of California in Mt. Shasta.

This trip through some of the most amazing landscapes of Gods creation was one of rejuvenation and discovery. Not only through the physical journey but spiritually and emotionally. Sometimes you need to step away, to get lost, to disconnect from the everyday life to find perspective. I believe in Mr. Tolkeins words of “Not all who wander are lost”…through our wandering we are continually finding and discovering who we are, embrace those we love and that is what makes our heart our home.

Portland, Oregon

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Ace Hotel, Portland

Cannon Beach, Oregon

On the road to Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Lost Lake, Oregon

Mt. Shasta, California

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  2. Megan Welker

    as always, love love love.

  3. so happy for you and your adventures. you’re amazing! loved meeting JP ;)

  4. you two…love you two…what an incredible adventure!