Summer Vacation



I can’t help but get that Will Smith song in my head during this time of year. Am I the only one? This is one of our busiest years to date as far as traveling for work and wedding season here in Southern California. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Ketchikan, Alaska for a little bit of work and play. Actually, a little bit of play and a lot of work. During our down time, we managed to capture a few sweet memories of our trip up north.




How happy(and handsome) does JP look? I promise I was so excited for our sushi date as well!


So we have this really bad habit of not bringing our nice camera with us when we are exploring new places. Especially on work trips. Our most recent trips to Iceland, Norway and Cape Town are hardly documented besides the pictures we took on our phone which lets face it, end up right on Instagram. It makes me really sad that we don’t have more images of the places we travel to, so we tried to change that this time. We barely succeeded.




We decided to hike Deer Mountain Trail the morning of our wedding we were documenting. Was it the best decision? Probably not. This 7 mile hike is just minutes away from downtown. We started on the trail head and a couple of hours later made it to the very top as we adventured through the mossy forest below. The view was so gorgeous and it was so nice to be away from the tourist hustle and bustle of the city. Our legs may have been shaking on our way down the mountain and in a lot of pain the rest of the trip, but it was so worth it!



I didn’t know much about Ketchikan before we arrived but soon I learned so much! The welcome sign alone informs you that it was the first Alaskan city and that it is the salmon fishing capital of the world. So we knew our goal was to eat as much fish as possible on this trip! We found ourselves at the Alaska Fish House on the 4th of July and it was delicious. I scarfed down my salmon chowder so quickly as we watched people enjoy the holiday festivities right outside our window.


Are you traveling anywhere this summer? Is it with family? Friends? Solo? If not, where is a place you DREAM of traveling to?

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