Debt Free Journey // Part 2

Debt Free Dating

He asked me if he could take me out on a date Tuesday evening and I’m not going to lie, my heart totally skipped a beat. I had butterflies all day! We hadn’t gone out on a real date in so long, mainly because we were on such a strict budget and a reason we got into a mess of debt was because we spoiled each other rotten a little bit too much. I told JP one day that I realized that it was’t him picking me up and taking me on these lovely dates full of LA dining and experiences, it was actually a credit card company. It made me sick to my stomach and definitely didn’t welcome the thought of many dates in our near future.

But when he asked me out this week, what I really heard him say was “challenge accepted!”

A Love Note


When we decided a few months ago that we were really strapping down on our spending and sticking to a tight budget, there were a few things we decided immediately to cut out from our lifestyle. For me, fresh flowers and manicures were on the list. I am a girl after all!

I came home to this sweet note after a meeting on Tuesday and I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. I love how he still knew the way to my heart and it cost absolutely no money at all!

A Weekly Deal


Like I mentioned before, our dining out is what really helped us accrue a lot of unnecessary debt. We both love food and trying new restaurants so this was a recipe for disaster without a strict budget! When JP asked for our date to be a on a Tuesday, I knew what he was thinking!

Our local Whole Foods has a great deal on Tuesdays and Saturdays; two street tacos for only $3. We both were rather hungry so we ordered 6 in total. We walked out of the market with our dinner in hand for only $9!! When do you ever walk out of Whole Foods only spending $9 much less a dinner for two people?! I felt like we robbed a bank.


A Free Place to Wander


We live in Glendale, California and it is home to one of the most beautiful outdoor malls, The Americana. We drove a mile down the road, parked our car and began to walk around. Side Note: remember to get your parking validated so you don’t have to pay that extra money. JP always sneaks into the movie theater to do this. Some may see a mall as a HORRIBLE place to go to when you are on a budget but for us, we just love wandering and people watching. Going later at night helped too because Madewell and Apple aren’t even open then. 😉

When we got there we realized we were walking in on the middle of The Goonies playing on the lawn! I wish we would have known about these free movies as that would have been a great place to cuddle up and be outside. Do you have any local events like these? Concerts? Movies?


Bookstore Cuddles


I. love. bookstores.

Seriously, when all else fails, just bring me to Barnes and Noble and I am happy girl. I will grab some intriguing books off the shelf, find myself a little corner and be content. I asked JP if we could go cuddle over a good book and he happily agreed. He grabbed the Humans of New York coffee table book and pulled up a couple of chairs. We flipped through the pages laughing and crying, shared stories that we had heard on podcasts the past week and just enjoyed being by each others side with no agenda.


Bookstores help me dream big! We flipped through pages of Treehouse books, choosing which one we would live in. We also walked to the Christian Life section of the store and looked at the shelf. We found the spot where all the authors with the last name of M reside and wondered what it would look like with a book squished in the middle with the name McLeod on it. We declared the dream of me writing a book out loud, prayed over it and chose the prettiest one we could find for inspiration. There is nothing more romantic to me than dreaming big with my husband and that is certainly free!


A Free Treat


We love Pressed Juicery! This is mainly a cold pressed juice store located in Southern California. A few of their locations also serve frozen juice. Picture a frozen yogurt experience but instead, it is just juice! They have a selection of healthy topping options like sea salt, chia seeds, fruit, almond butter, etc. We chose vanilla juice with cacao syrup and granola. So delicious!

The best part of our late night treat was it was absolutely free! We frequent Pressed Juicery and have a number on file with them. Every purchase you make, you get a point. After a certain amount of points, you get free juice! We knew we had enough points to get a free juice so we planned on that! Let me tell you, it was even yummier not having to pay for it!


This was our first date out on our debt free journey! I can’t tell you how amazing it felt getting creative with ideas and we are already scheming what the next adventure will be.

What are some ways you and your partner have saved money when it comes to dating one another? We would LOVE to hear all of the tricks you have up your sleeves!!

  • July 20, 2015 - 9:06 am

    Alicia - What a fun night! I LOVE date nights and trying new restaurants too, but I love how you were so creative in making it a memorable AND super fun night without spending a lot of money. Plus, any reason to eat Whole Foods is a good one with me. 😉ReplyCancel

  • July 30, 2015 - 6:46 pm

    Elysabeth Ratto - Oh my goodness, I love this post sooo much! We too live on a very strict budget being a family of 3 in New York, but I find that it really allows us to get creative. My favorite part of this entire post is when you two pray over your dream of writing a book. What an amazing moment. And Savor would be the prettiest book in that section! 😉 SO GOOD.ReplyCancel

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