In Tune


Our hearts are in tune with one another. They have been before we ever even went on a date. There would be times that God would lay it on my heart to pray for JP McLeod, a friendly acquaintance whom I had only crossed paths with two times and would receive texts from once in awhile. I couldn’t help but wonder what God was up to as I barely knew this guy! Once we sat down face to face and JP opened up about what he had been going through, it all made sense. God needed me to stop what I was doing and pray for his beautiful child who was lost and hurting. Our hearts have been interwoven in ways we cannot explain but leave us in awe that God has chosen us for one another.

As we walk forward in a path very unknown, there is comfort that neither of us have to do it alone. My hands may shake due to nerves but when I feel his fingers clasp mine, they now have company. My thoughts may wander to places filled with fear but his words are filled with the affirmation and reminders of truth that I need to hear. My knees may grow weak but his will meet me on the ground where we will pray for our Saviors peace and provision. Together.



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