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I couldn’t help but post that as the title haha. It has been ages since I blogged and I’m sorry about that. Last year, I was inspired to dust this thing off and make it more of an every day lifestyle kind of blog. Well, then every day got really crazy (good and bad), busy and hard.

RECAP of 2015

January // We welcomed 2015 in one of our favorite places, Uganda. Our visit was meant to be 6 weeks but I ended up extending it as long as I could to two months. We came to say good bye to this country as we had been going back and forth quite a bit for the last few years. Our hopes were to stay local and still in Los Angeles, grow some roots and connect with our community. As our desires going to Uganda were to make sacrifices for stability, God did just that in His own unique way. He lead us to looking into what the needs were for a little girl. While we were hoping it would be finding her a family member to live with and we would pay for her school fees, it then lead to foster care with hopes of adoption. Our minds were blown. This was not our plan…but it was God’s and for that we had to sit back in awe and give Him all the glory. Oh and we also went to Cape Town and fell in love.

Uganda, Africa




Cape Town, South Africa






February // It wasn’t easy going back to Los Angeles and filling everyone in on the news. Yes, our loved ones were so excited but people were also really sad. The community we were hoping to stay local for to spend more time with was the same community we were now telling we were moving far far away. Not only were we moving far away but we were starting our family as well.


March // Knowing we were going to be moving out of the country next year, there were a few things we knew we had to take advantage of. Two of those things happened in March. A road trip with two of our best friends Bethany and Ryan through Utah and Arizona. Another trip was to Norway to visit our friends Maria and Oystein and explore their magical land!

Road trip from Arizona to Utah back to Arizona





Ålesund, Norway


April // April was all about spending time with our friends. Luckily, my best friend Asher was visiting Los Angeles from Uganda. It was so wonderful to spend time with her and her husband Dru, show them around the city we love so much and dream about living in the same town in just several months. Another perk was spending time with our closest friends who lived 10 minutes away from us. We had a lot of dinners, celebrated me turning 28, and many last minute coffee/frozen juice trips





May // Wedding season started back up and I got to photograph all the pretty couples with this amazing girl, Kate Edwards, joining my side! It is such a blessing to be able to work with one of your closest friends!


June // Knowing we were moving to Uganda in November, we were trying our hardest to clean up all loose ends. When laying it all out on the table..that came down to a trying to pay off a lot more credit card debt than I knew we had accrued. It totally seemed impossible but our goal was to glorify God more than anything. We lived pretty frugally the next several months but luckily I had some work to bring us up north. We drove all the way to Seattle to stay with our friends Julie and Andy with a stop in Portland to see our good friends, Peter and Kate on the way home.

Seattle, WA


Portland, OR


July // Along with a busy work month, we ventured to Alaska for a wedding over the 4th of July. We also headed to Nashville for a job interview later in the month. It was a short trip but luckily we got to stay with our friends Tom and Susie and spend sweet time with Tyler and Felicia.

Ketchican, Alaska



Nashville, TN



Oh ya! We paid off our car in July too!


August // We headed back to Uganda for some work with Amazima Ministries. This trip was pretty fulfilling in so many ways. Every single day we heard God tell us that Uganda was where we needed to be and for two people who were uprooting their lives to move halfway across the world, we were grateful for all of His confirmations. We were able to get situated with a home for when we moved, see friends in the community, visit our sweet girl every single morning and document the amazing stories of Amazima.

Uganda, Africa


September // I wouldn’t allow myself to start preparing for our move until September so this month was the beginning of a crazy season. We started packing, selling, purchasing and giving away things. Not only were we still in the midst of paying off our debt radically, we were also starting to fundraise towards our move and work as hard as we could to save every extra penny. Luckily, we got to visit my best friend in Minnesota and this was also the same month that the NINE retreat happened in LA where I was able to have my first speaking engagement!


Minneapolis, MN


The NINE Retreat


October // We hosted a Go With Love fundraiser in Costa Mesa at Wolfcamp Studios. It was amazing to see so many wonderful artists and vendors come together to support our move. People came from all over and not only did that help our cause but also supported so many other causes/small businesses as well!


November // This was the month we left. I was facing some really hard times emotionally as every single feeling I could feel came to the surface. Every day was so exhausting as I was severely missing our little one, getting rid of every single thing we owned, packed up the remaining items into bins that we would bring, worked as hard as we could to make every dollar we could, saw as many friends and family members as possible and still tried to get some cuddles in here and there. It was the most exhausting month of my life. Alas, we got on the plane Thanksgiving day and headed to our new home, Uganda.




December// This was the first month as family and it was everything we dreamt of and more. We were so lucky that our friends spent months working hard preparing our house for us before we arrived. The night we landed we slept in our own beds and cooked food on our stove the very next day. Once we were all together as family, we began practicing Advent together and celebrating Jesus every morning. Oh, so many sweet memories were made in December…memories I will never forget. We chose not to work the month we arrived so this time was purely spent bonding and attaching to one another and that was such a blessing. I longed for this time for so many months…ever since the beginning of February to be exact. After a few months of darkness, God truly delivered and we have been celebrating his beautiful blessings and promises since.






Thank you for your continual support through this past year of our lives! We seriously and literally would not be here, in Uganda as a family,  if it wasn’t for your many blessings both financially and through prayer! Happy 2016 to you all!

  • February 21, 2016 - 11:39 am

    Micah - Mary,

    I cannot even express the joy at reading through the past year of your life. I don’t know if you remember, but I wrote a few months back, and I’ve been following your family’s journey since the beginning. It is a joy to see the faithfulness being poured out, and your little daughter is absolutely precious. I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes you three and all the good things in store for you guys. This New Zealand-born girl living in Mexico (long story!) has been and will continue to pray for you all.

    So much love coming your way.


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