We missed the turn into the Joshua Tree State Park. Neither Brandon, Kristin or I realized that our destination had snuck up on us because we were too wrapped up in conversation. The two hour drive to the desert consisted of heart to hearts, sharing our life stories and alot of testimonies of Gods love.

Brandon and Kristin have this special light that shines through them. A friend of mine just recently asked if I knew of this couple and my eyes starting watering…knowing Kristin and Brandon is knowing Jesus. The Holy Spirit shines through them in everything…the way they listen, the way they tell stories, the way they hold each others hands even down to the way they navigate.

The time we spend together in the desert capturing the moments you are about to see was such a special experience for me. I learned so much about marriage in the evening I spent with these two and getting to peek into their love story was a lesson of Gods love. To see the way that Brandon looked at Kristin during our adventure in the park was amazing…Kristin will always be his bride from now until eternity and his love for her shines through and through. When Brandon tells stories, Kristin listens and it’s so obvious that she is just bursting with pride and love for the man by her side…her beloved. They balance each other out in so many great ways and it’s amazing to see two people come together that God perfectly designed for one another and flourish and embrace every second of life with each other.

There was a moment during the shoot where the wind was dancing all around us and it was so quiet in the desert that you could actually hear it. I looked at Brandon and Kristin wrapped in each others arms smiling at one another and just felt the Holy Spirit all around us..blessing us with that moment in time. My eyes teared up and I thanked Him for giving me the honor to photograph and get to know these two amazing people and for bringing them to each other and I prayed their love would continue to grow in such beautiful ways that would glorify Him in everything they do…I know He will keep on using them in beautiful ways.

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Through the Window Thursday

I don’t know what it is but I love photographing through a window. I could get all deep and say it’s because of the many layers and reflections that end up in the image. Or I could tell you that it gives this great diffused look to the portraits. But really I think it’s because with that thin layer of glass it makes the subject a little awkward and in a state of vulnerability where really…they can’t help but laugh, look away, smile or look right into the lens. It’s brings out a different side to people and I love experimenting with it.

This blog has helped me finally share alot of projects I have been dreaming about. “Through the Window Thursday” is just one of the many series.

This is my dear friend and co-worker Meghan Klein. Her smile is utterly contagious and I just love this frame of her from a trip we took to Nashville last October.

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Desert Life

We met a year ago in the big apple and since then we have gone to San Francisco and just took our 3rd trip just a few weeks ago to Palm Springs. We stayed at the Ace Hotel, which if you haven’t visited is the real deal. It’s an awesome thing to have close friends who do the same thing you do. Supporting one another is such an important aspect to life and understanding the highs and lows of life as a creative is something that Jill, Julie, Nessa and I can all relate to. These getaways where we get to relax, get to know each other, explore unfamiliar territory and take pictures of whatever the heck we want is so refreshing and always much needed.

I feel so lucky to call you ladies friends. Excited for our next trip!

Pool side at the Ace Hotel.

To Joshua Tree we go…

Amazing things can happen in the desert…like running into a fellow photographer friend from Seattle. So wonderful to randomly see Dorothy Huynh while she was spring breaking in the California desert.

Nessa K : Washington DC


Jill DeVries : Grand Rapids, Michigan

Julie Fitts : Seattle, Washington

Always a wonderful time ladies…always.

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This is the beautiful Jill DeVries.

I am off to go wander around London and Italy with her for the next 10 days. Jill is one of the funniest, most beautiful and talented ladies I know and I feel SO blessed that I get to partake in this adventure alongside such an amazing person.

Please follow this blog as I’m sure we will have crazy jet lag and will have some downtime to share stories, pictures and videos!

Adios mis amigos!

You can find Jills adventures on her blog

Jill DeVries Photography

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Local Natives : Sam

I love an unfamiliar place but it’s no surprise that visiting somewhere where you don’t know anyone can get lonely. I feel quite lucky to have friends all across the world. People randomly come in and out of my life, we form a relationship and then we remain hundreds of miles apart but they still mean so much to me. I get to travel alot for work and once in awhile that will bring me to a place that one of my friends lives.

On a recent trip to Nashville, I thought it would be a fun series to have friends show me around and bring me to 4 of their favorite places in the town they live in. I love the local spots that end up adding so much character to a city and make one proud to call the place home.

Meet Sam Ellis. He’s a talented musician, producer and songwriter. Sam moved to Nashville from Toronto almost a year ago. While his home is usually a tour bus filled with stinky men as he tours with Hunter Hayes across the country, when the wheels take a break for awhile, Nashville is where he calls home. I was quite lucky that Sam was even in town when I visited and felt even luckier when he agreed to show me four of his favorite spots.

#1- Fido Coffee House

#2- Cotten Music Center

#3- Pangaea Gift Shop

#4- Love Circle

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