As we have been called to live in Uganda, financial stability has definitely been our biggest struggle thus far. We left our busy companies back in California to live in Uganda full time. While we have been blessed with work in country, it is for NGO’s and Ministries that have very small budgets if they have a budget at all. If God has placed it on your heart to give to our family, we will humbly and joyfully receive. We are so grateful for your giving hearts! Thank you for blessing our family…every dollar goes such a long way!





Are you a small business owner with a passion for what you are creating?

Are you a part of an organization/project that is giving back to the world in incredible ways?

Do you have a voice that is wanting to scream the purpose that God has placed in your heart?

I would LOVE to connect you with the amazing people who wander with me on this journey.

Let me tell you a bit about the people I wander with:

+ They have THE MOST amazing hearts.

+ They are advocates for passionate people!

+ They will support you with prayer, spreading the word and financially giving.

Advertising rates begin at $25/month


250 pixels x 250 pixels

+ Placed on right of website

+ 1 featured post on blog of product or mission

+ 1 featured post on my instagram of product or mission

*I will only be taking on 4 advertisers at a time.*

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Do you have a product or business that you would like to see on my blog or Instagram?

I am so happy to share your clothing, business, jewelry, book,

magazine, food, etc. with the world!

Send me an email with images and info about your product

and we will be in touch!

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