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city in the clouds

CONFESSION TIME: Even though we have traveled and lived in Africa since 2012, we have only visited two countries (so

Essential Oils

When Cynthia of We Are the Jaquezes reached out to me, it was God’s perfect timing. JP and I just had


When I received an email from umano, my heart jumped with glee! I couldn’t get over these amazing shirts and the


I am a HUGE fan of Pons by Avarcas USA.  Like…I wish I had them in every color and I can’t help but wear

Ara Collective

I first met Sarah, the owner of Ara Collective, while living in Uganda in 2013. Her magnetic personality invites

These are a few // 2

MY FAVORITE THINGS This week I am sharing some items that I use in my everyday life. I stopped dead in my tracks


What is something that makes you feel beautiful? I’m not saying it defines your beauty but you know that feeling

These are a few

MY FAVORITE THINGS You know when you are stopped in the street or while you are in the grocery store to be

The Dress

I’m not going to lie, I had been eyeing dresses. I believe I even made a secret Pinterest board full of