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Essential Oils

When Cynthia of We Are the Jaquezes reached out to me, it was God’s perfect timing. JP and I just had


When I received an email from umano, my heart jumped with glee! I couldn’t get over these amazing shirts and the


I am a HUGE fan of Pons by Avarcas USA.  Like…I wish I had them in every color and I can’t help but wear

Ara Collective

I first met Sarah, the owner of Ara Collective, while living in Uganda in 2013. Her magnetic personality invites

These are a few // 2

MY FAVORITE THINGS This week I am sharing some items that I use in my everyday life. I stopped dead in my tracks


What is something that makes you feel beautiful? I’m not saying it defines your beauty but you know that feeling

These are a few

MY FAVORITE THINGS You know when you are stopped in the street or while you are in the grocery store to be

The Dress

I’m not going to lie, I had been eyeing dresses. I believe I even made a secret Pinterest board full of